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Hi There!

We are Jocelyn and Max.

The maker (Jocelyn) and taste tester (Max) of Honeypaw.

It's true what they say- a dog will teach you unconditional love. The love I have for Max quickly escalated after getting him in October of 2021. I wanted to do everything within my ability to give him a happy, healthy and long life.

Being the big snacker that Max is, I loved buying him treats. However, I soon realized that not all treats were the best. Even some that claimed to be "healthy," had many extra and unnecessary ingredients. Consequently, I started being mindful of the treats I purchased and caught myself immediately checking the ingredients list. I quickly transitioned towards more natural and truly healthier treats with minimal ingredients.

My treat journey was half of the inspiration for Honeypaw in the Spring of 2023. The other half- my love for Max and his love for natural, healthy and clean treats!

Thank you for being here and joining the Honeypaw community. We hope you enjoy our treats as much as we enjoy making them for the best furiend(s) in your life!

Have a pawsome day,

- Jocelyn & Max

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